Who We Are

Barkley Park was founded by husband and wife team Gemma and Peter.

The idea for Barkley Park originated when they got their first dog together, Oscar, a whole 11 years ago. Both pawrents were in full time work and hated leaving their beloved pet alone in the house all day.

They searched for a dog daycare near and far with no success. This lack of success wasn’t due to the lack of daycare facilities around but due to the extremely high standards and transparency of care they required for their family member.

Over the course of this search (9 years!!) they talked at length about what a dog daycare business should look like, what they expect of such a business and the standards of care they would impose if they owned one….which lead to the question of why they didn’t own one….So now they do!


Gemma knew from a very early age she was destined to work with animals. So much so, she completed her honours degree in Zoology in 2008. After traveling the world in 2009 she ended up in a career in the Environmental field which over the years proved to be unfulfilling.

After 2 children and a lot of soul searching, she was ready to take the leap into owning her own business and showing her children that anything is possible in life with the right passion and morals. Gemma’s philosophy in life is to ask the best of yourself daily and always strive for win-win situations. She brings her passion for animals as well as her National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) Certificate III in dog training and behaviour to the business.

She has a clear vision of providing a safe environment enriched with natural elements, structures and activities to her valued dog guests and an environment that is entirely transparent to the pawrents.  


Peter is the focused perfectionist of the family. With over 17 years experience in building structures including shopping centres, warehouses, and major pipelines for other companies it was time he turned his hand to building his own business and providing spaces and structures for the special furry members of the family.

Peter did not grow up with dogs and so having Oscar enter his life was what he would call ‘a whirlwind’, I believe he was referring to those early puppy months and years we all know too well! But Oscar won his heart as soon as they met and will always be his first baby.

Peter looks forward to creating exciting obstacles and enriching enclosures that will no doubt be constantly updated and enhanced. Peter seeks perfection in everything he lays his hands on, he will not rest until it is achieved (it will disappear before your eyes and be rebuilt just as quick before those same eyes). He is extremely passionate about his human and fur family, his craftmanship and anything that needs to be taken apart and rebuilt better than before (his favourite hobby).

Barkley Park


Head of Puplick Relations

Oscar will greet you with a smile (that famous golden one) and will love you forever especially if there’s rubs involved.

Please see oscar for any issues relating to;
⦁ Treat withholding
⦁ Additional treat flavours
⦁ Extra scheduled treat times
⦁ Belly rubs not forthcoming
⦁ Not enough hoomans to supply adequate belly rubs
⦁ Anything belly rub related
⦁ Balls
⦁ Lack of balls
⦁ Lack of variety of balls
⦁ Anything swimming or water related

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