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A purpose gives us a reason to be our best self. Barkley Parks purpose is to provide your dog a reason to be their best self.

Why choose Barkley Park


Providing a service that has nothing to hide, call us to arrange a tour of the facility and ask about our daily activities and our themed spaces.


We value your trust first and foremost, just like children our dogs rely on us to provide everything they need including a safe loving environment. This is fundamental to our business.


If we cannot stand by our morals and integrity then how can we live a life we can be proud of? We strive to place our morals and integrity in every aspect of our business. We will be the best person we can be each day.


We will bring transparency to, and enable autonomy among, our staff. We will support engagement and encourage purpose. We will invoke a win-win philosophy at all times.

Who We Are

Barkley Park is Brisbane norths newest indoor and outdoor dog daycare. The foundation of our first-class facility is transparency and trust. We do not believe in secrecy, we want you to know exactly where your dog will be spending their day and what they will be doing (you will absolutely be jealous!) All our staff are dog trainers and passionate about providing an experience your dog will love.

We are conveniently located at 12 Glentanna St in Kedron just off Gympie Road and only minutes from the CBD, come and see our amazing themed spaces!

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have or to make a booking for our range of services.




Self Service Baths


Happy Faces

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