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If you would like to proceed with an Initial Day with Barkley Park please complete our online enrolment form below – click here to jump to the form.

You will need a copy of your dog’s up to date vaccination record and complete the calendar booking once the enrolment form is complete so we can get you booked in.


Initial Day

On the Initial day we watch your dog very closely and make sure they are displaying all the right signs of enjoying the experience. Our philosophies centre around your dog’s enjoyment, comfort, and mental and physical stimulation. If we feel your dog is not showing us the happy signs we want and strive to see, we will inform you (some dogs really do just want to chill on your sofa while you’re at work). We will also inform you of any dominant, aggressive, or excessive behaviours we see during the initial day, we do not accept any behaviours that may jeopardise another dog’s enjoyment of our facility. Sometimes we may not see these behaviours on the initial day but may see them as the dog becomes more familiar with our premises and staff over the course of several visits. We will always have an honest conversation at the end of the day with you regarding what we have observed during the day.

The initial day is a full day of daycare where we can monitor how your dog goes across our normal routine of the day care day. We have the above dedicated half an hour time slots so our supervisor has time to spend with each owner and make them feel comfortable before we take your pup into the facility (while you watch the introduction on the cameras of course). You can stay for as long or as little as you like in our dedicated first day customer area once we have taken your pup into the facility to watch how they are going. We will then give you a call or text (depending on your preference) mid-day to advise you of how the day is going for them. You are free to pick them up anytime that suits you in the afternoon/evening.

Once the initial day is over, we send you a link to our online booking system where you can then control your bookings and days of attendance.


Barkley Park has two large indoor areas complete with structures and platforms. We have three large themed outdoor yards – Farm, Waterpark and Playground at our dog and puppy day care in Brisbane. Your dog will never be bored as we rotate the groups around these areas at least 4-6 times a day so your dog experiences everything. We have shelter and play structures in all of these yards too.


We have cameras throughout our facility connected to reception and our dedicated introduction area. You are very welcome to hang out in our introduction area and watch the introduction on the initial day. These cameras are there as a testament to our transparency principles. We believe you should know what your dog is experiencing, and we are very proud of our facility so are in turn very excited to show you what we’re doing with your pup.

Group Sizes

We run 3-4 groups of dogs per day based on personality and size. We never have our littlies in with our boisterous biggies, but we do mix some bigger and more subdued (older or just placid in nature) dogs with our smaller dogs and some small, big energy and big personality dogs with our big dog groups. If you have any concerns about your dog being in a mixed group just let us know and we can answer any questions you may have.

Opening & Closing Hours

We open at 6:30am and close at 6:30pm, we offer an optional early drop off from 6am ($10 fee) we don’t have any set drop off or pick up times so it’s up to you when you want to do drop offs and pickups within those times. Our initial days however are time slotted so we can dedicate time solely to your dogs introduction.

Rest Time

We have two 1-hour rest periods during the day care day at 10:30am and 2pm at which your dog gets some much-needed respite from play. Your dog can choose to go in a crate or choose a bed out on the floor to sleep on. We do prefer to crate our dogs so they can get a proper rest in a safe uninterrupted space but if you would prefer your dog to not be crated or if your dog is not crate trained, please let us know.


We can also serve lunches to dog’s that normally eat lunch or our puppies during this time. We require a clearly labelled lunch box container for them to eat the food out of. We will return any uneaten food n the lunch box container, so you know what your dog has eaten at lunch time. If your dog is not a puppy (less than 9 months) we do ask you to consider carefully if your dog needs lunch especially if your dog is a breed prone to GDV or bloat. Lunches can often be brought back up during afternoon play.

Daycare Packs

The initial day is charged at $70. The initial day cannot form part of a day care package, nor is it charged at a lesser rate if you choose to do a half day, it must be paid in full prior to the initial day to reserve your booking with us. Once the initial day is over you are welcome to book in whenever suits you online using our booking system ‘Kennel booker’. A link will be emailed to you once the initial day is complete. 

We offer day care packages for dogs that enjoy their initial days and want to come back to us. These packs have no expiry and just sit on your account until you want to use them.

Click here to view our pricing.


If you have any other questions just let us know, we are here to put your mind at ease and to help in any way we can 😊

The Barkley Park Team

P: 0416 306 434
E: hello@barkleypark.com.au

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    • Terms and Conditions

      • All male dogs over 12 months of age must be neutered. Females must be desexed by 6 months of age.
      • Certification of de-sexing and current vaccinations must be provided prior to the trial day.
      • We will conduct a trial day to assess your dog’s suitability for day care. Trial days are conducted on a Monday. We cannot book a space on a trial day without a completed enrolment form and pre-payment for the booking.
      • If full payment, for the requested trial day, is not completed by 2pm on the Friday immediately prior to this trial day booking, the booking will be cancelled and offered to another dog.
      • The trial day is non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of the booking date.
      • You are the sole lawful owner of the dog without encumbrances.
      • If your dog is a rescue dog older than 6 months and has lived with you for less than 3 months, we cannot accept the dog until the 3-month time frame has passed.
      • Barkley Park will not accept dogs who display aggression or nuisance behaviours.
      • Barkley Park have a 3-strike behaviour system in place however if a dog attacks another dog the strike system is forfeited, and a ban is effective immediately.
      • Barkley Park will not accept dogs we deem to have an illness or are known to have had a transmissible illness in the last 30 days.
      • If a dog (or owner) displays aggression or unreasonable or destructive behaviours, Barkley Park has the right to terminate the booking and refuse further services.
      • If your dog needs veterinary care or emergency care while at Barkley Park and you (or the emergency contact) are not immediately available, we will transport your dog to our veterinarian of choice. You will be responsible for all costs incurred. It is highly recommended our clients have pet insurance.
      • You recognise there are risks of injury and illness to your dog as result of its participation in the services provided by Barkley Park, including injury and illness caused by other dogs.
      • You are responsible for all behaviours, injuries and incidents involving your dog while at Barkley Park dog day care.
      • Barkley Park nor its employees, will not be responsible, under any circumstance, for any dog related illness caught, injury sustained, loss, damage, or death to any of its dog clients.
      • All day care services require full payment prior to the commencement of the booking. There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy – if you do not provide us with 24 hours’ notice or do not show up for day care we will be unable to refund the cost, or the day care credit.
      • All late pickups (after 6:30pm) will incur a surcharge of $10 per 10 minute increments. (i.e. if you are 12 minutes late for pickup, this will cost an additional $20).
      • If a dog is not picked up within three (3) days of the last day care service booked, the dog will be considered abandoned, and Barkley Park reserves the right to place it in a rescue centre for rehoming.
      • Day care Pack Refunds are issued where possible but incur a 10% admin fee.
      • If we need to contact you (the dog owner) during the day in relation to your dog, we will first contact you via phone call. If this is unsuccessful, we will send you a courtesy text with an update.
      • Barkley Park reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions above to be effective immediately and will notify all clients of these changes.

      By reading and signing our enrolment form you acknowledge and accept the above terms and conditions and agree that by using our services you are entering into a legally binding contract between yourself (the dog owner) and Barkley Park and release Barkley Park, its employees and directors from all liability and indemnify Barkley Park against all claims arising directly or indirectly from your dog’s participation in the services provided, including legal claims and medical expenses.

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