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Dog Daycare

We offer your dog a structured play session incorporating learning through nature and play at our doggy daycare in Brisbane. Our staff will engage with the dogs using enrichment toys, games and stimulus to create a fully enjoyable day. We promise to return to you a tired and happy dog! We pride ourselves on our transparent service at Barkley Park so we can also promise you pictures, videos and updates throughout the day. We understand the pain of leaving our fur babies so rest assured we will have you confident your pet is having a great day before you hit the first coffee run and jealous at just how much fun we are having by the mid-morning hit!It is important that the dogs we have at the day care are suited to the experience, all our dog guests must comply with the below;
  • Dogs will not be admitted into the day care facility without a properly fitted collar or harness
  • Dogs must have a pet ID tag containing the dogs name and the owners surname.
  • Dogs must be over 12 weeks of age with two rounds of vaccinations complete (Dog C3 or C5 and yearly kennel cough bordetella vaccine). A copy of the dogs current vaccinations must be provided with the enrolment form.
  • All male dogs over 12 months of age must be neutered. Females must be desexed by 6 months of age.
  • Certification of de-sexing and current vaccinations must be provided prior to the trial day.
  • We will conduct a trial day to assess your dog’s suitability for day care. Trial days are conducted on a Monday. We cannot book a space on a trial day without a completed enrolment form.
  • If your dog is a rescue dog older than 6 months and has lived with you for less than 3 months we cannot accept the dog until the 3 month time frame has passed.
  • Have up to date flea and tick prevention
  • Be in good health and not have any health conditions that may jeopardise themselves or other dogs
  • Not be aggressive or have a history of biting, nipping or any other unsocial behaviours

Initial Day

We conduct our initial days on Mondays. On the Initial day we watch your dog very closely and make sure they are displaying all the right signs of enjoying the experience. Our philosophy centres around your dog’s enjoyment, comfort, and mental and physical stimulation. If we feel your dog is not showing us the happy signs we want and strive to see, we will inform you at the end of the day (some dogs really do just want to chill on your sofa while you’re at work). We will also inform you of any dominant, aggressive, or excessive behaviours we see during the initial day. We do not accept any behaviours that may jeopardise another dog’s enjoyment of our facility. Sometimes we may not see these behaviours on the initial day but may see them as the dog becomes more familiar with our premises and staff over the course of several visits. We will always have an honest conversation at the end of the day with you regarding what we have observed during the day.
The initial day is a full day of day care (or as long as you choose) which is charged at $70. The initial day cannot form part of a day care package, nor is it charged at a lesser rate if you choose to do a half day, it must be paid in full prior to the initial day to reserve your booking with us. Once the initial day is over we send you a link to our online booking system where you can then control your bookings and days of attendance.

The Facility

Barkley Park has two large indoor areas complete with structures and platforms. We have three large themed outdoor yards (Farm, Beach and Running yard). Your dog will never be bored as we rotate the groups around these areas at least 4-5 times a day so your dog experiences everything. We have shelter and activities in all these yards too. We have cameras throughout our facility connected to reception and you are very welcome to hang out in reception at any time and watch the introduction on the initial day or just a normal day care days activity. These cameras are there as a testament to our transparency principles. We believe you should know what your dog is experiencing, and we are very proud of our facility so are in turn very excited to show you what we’re doing with your pup.We run 3-4 groups of dogs per day based on personality and size. We never have our littlies in with our boisterous biggies, but we do mix some bigger and more subdued (older or just placid in nature) dogs with our smaller dogs and some small, big energy and big personality dogs with our big dog groups. If you have any concerns about your dog being in a mixed group, we do run a solely small dogs’ group on a Tuesday and Thursday (Tiny Tuesdays and Thursdays) so please let us know if that is more suitable for your dog.

We offer a Tiny Dog Group Daily at Barkley Park

For those shy little pup’s that do better in a small dog group we offer an exclusive small dog only group everyday throughout the week. We do confidence building activities and play with these dogs throughout the day. The group still get rotated around all our themed spaces, so they experience the entire day care offering but with only small dogs as company. This group is also very suitable for all breeds of puppies who are only starting to explore the world. There are limited spaces so let us know if you want to book in advance.

Pool Party Friday

We are very proud of our waterpark and pool, it is absolutely a favourite among our dogs and so we like to finish out the week with a pool party every Friday in which we get out our umbrellas, rubber ducks, volleyballs and bubbles! The dogs absolutely love it and we do too!!

Birthdays @ Barkley Park

We absolutely LOVE to celebrate your pups birthdays at Barkley Park. If you want to bring in a cake on drop off we will happily take a birthday photo of your pup star with their cake and share the cake with all their day care friends. If you would like to book in a Birthday picture (no cost attached) then just email us at with the date you have booked in for day care and we will pop you in our doggy birthdays calendar for the day care day you chose. We also have a regular list of suppliers of dog birthday cakes below that our day care pups can personally vouch for.

We also have a regular list of suppliers of dog birthday cakes below that our day care pups can personally vouch for 😊

  • Coopers Cookies Graceville (All things beautiful, immaculately thought out and fabulous)
  • Discuits (Meat cakes to bark about!!)
  • Cherry Pies Delights (dogs go doghnutty over these ones!)
  • Floofy Patisserie (entirely Exquisite)
  • Dog Cakes (An absolute firm day care favourite)
  • The Brisbane Barkery (Top to bottom too good to eat)

Open, Close and Rest times

We open at 6:30am and close at 6:30pm, we don’t have any set drop off or pick up times so it’s up to you when you want to do drop offs and pickups within those times. We have two 1-hour rest periods during the day care day at 10:30am and 2pm at which your dog gets some much-needed respite from play. Your dog can choose to go in a crate or choose a bed out on the floor to sleep on. We do prefer to crate our dogs so they can get a proper rest in a safe space but if you would prefer your dog to not be crated or if your dog is not crate trained, please let us know. We can also serve lunches to dog’s that normally eat lunch or puppies during this time. If your dog is not a puppy (less than 9 months) we do ask you to consider carefully if your dog needs lunch especially if your dog is a breed prone to GDV or bloat.

Day Care Packages

We offer day care packages for dogs that enjoy their initial days and want to come back to us. These packs have no expiry and just sit on your account until you want to use them.

Full Day Rates

Casual Full Day
$ 70 per day
  • Additional Dogs......$60 per day

Half Day Rates

Casual Half Day
$ 50 per half day
  • Additional Dogs......$40 per half day

Full Day Rates

5 Day Pack
$ 305 ($61.00 per day)
  • Save Over 12%

Full Day Rates

10 Day Pack
$ 555 ($55.50 per day)
  • Save Over 20%

Full Day Rates

20 Day Pack
$ 999 ($49.95 per day)
  • Save over 28%

Enrolment Form

Please complete the enrolment forms and return to to book into the day care

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